Pinger: Did they hear your voicemail?

pinger logoYou left a voicemail on someone’s cell phone. Now you are sitting around wondering if they listened to you message. What do you do? Call them back? Wait it out? Now there is something that you can do!

Enter Pinger, a cool cell phone voice mail application. When you sign up for Pinger, it allows you to call a phone number and leave a voice mail on any cell phone.

This is where it gets really neat. Pinger has introduced a new feature where you can actually see whether your message was picked up or not - an ear icon shows up next to the item in the outbox of your web account, when your message is played.

Pinger turned out to be remarkably easy to install. Like all web based mobile apps, you give them your mobile number when you open an account. They text a code to your phone, which you use for verification.

The feature that worked really well was the address book. You type in names of your contacts. When you want to leave a voicemail for them, you just speak their names into the phone. The name recognition worked well (seems to even pick up on foreign sounding names). You can also send a broadcast voicemail to a group of people.

pinger mail box

According to John Lai, Product Manager at Pinger, they have several other new features such as Pinger Promotions.

“This service allows our partners to post a widget on their website so that users can subscribe to receive audio clips from the partner. This also works if the partner already has a subscriber list whose members have opted into receiving content on their mobile phones. “

Previously we wrote about YouMail, a service that makes your voicemail a whole lot more exciting, by allowing you to customize your outgoing voicemail greetings, along with a host of other handy features.

Pinger provides a convenient voice alternative to text messaging.It is scary enough when people drive down the highway talking at length on their cell phones (while reading the newspaper, and eating at the same time), they don’t need to be sending SMSs as well. Hopefully, a service like Pinger will dissuade that kind of behavior!

Pinger is based in San Jose, and received $3M in series A funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, and $8M in series B in a round that also included a new investor, DAG ventures.

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