Simunication: Legos for applications

simunicationSimunication is a fast prototying system for building web applications. The idea is to quickly construct a piece of code, and test its functionality, and get feedback from users and customers. The input can quickly be cycled back in through more modifications, followed by another series of testing.

The method of prototyping has been used routinely for building hardware. Manufacturers build working prototypes to test things such as feasibility and customer acceptance, before starting the actual (and expensive) design cycle.

Simunication enables product prototyping for applications, before the fully functional and more detailed software is actually built. Prototypes can be built on the Simunication website and can also be integrated in with other existing HTML, CSS, Javascript or Flash code.

As a test of their system, Simmunication built its own site using their own prototyping product.

The advantage of a product like Simunication are many - it allows brainstorming, and early optimization of the product, before the full fledged code is written.simunicator



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