MSNBC acquires Newsvine

NewsvNewsvine was just acquired by MSNBC for an undisclosed amount. For now, the seven-employee startup will remain operating as an independent company. For those unfamiliar with the company, Newsvine is a community-driven social news site that aims to provide a clear sense of what people ‘are really talking about.’ Members of the site select articles from outside sources to be presented and then vote on them for relevance and display priority (individual comments in response to articles are also voted on). Newsvine also encourages members to write and publish their own articles, creating a portion of original content for the site. This unique content along with the site’s professional newspaper-like layout are what separate Newsvine from Digg, the most popular crowd-sourcing news page. Recently, Newsvine’s CEO and founder Mike Davidson was in the news for altering an image on his servers that was being unfairly used on John McCain’s MySpace profile, resulting in a fake message from the Arizona senator being displayed on his MySpace announcing his support of gay marriage (discussion over on TechCrunch). While one could say this was an unprofessional action by Davidson, the flip-side is that it revealed that he doesn’t always play by the rules — a trait that is generally found in true entrepreneurs. This acquisition is another example of big media trying to realign themselves to survive in a Web 2.0 media landscape that seems to be slowly but steadily outpacing them. Om Malik notes that the first media giant to purchase a social news startup was News Corp. when they acquired Newroo in April 2006. view - site

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