Docstoc Online Document Sharing launches - private beta invites

DocStoc has launched in private beta. A little while ago we wrote about the DocStoc website that allows users to share documents with others on the site.

DocStoc has made beta invitations available for Bizorigin readers. Use the invite code BZR81LH09RF3.

The beta invite from DocStoc, located in Beverly Hills, California, caught our eye because CEO Jason Nazar not only asked for feedback on the product, but also put his (only) cell phone number in the email, and promised to reply to any phone calls and mails.

docstoc beta

So far so good on the beta testing. We uploaded a pdf document (The Art of the Fast VC Pitch). The document appeared on the site with a minimum of fuss, and was viewed, according to the online document stats.

The site also allows for documents to be marked as private. That can come in handy when you just want to save a document online for your own use such as when you are traveling and need to access a document and don’t have the bandwidth needed to remotely access your PC.

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BrightQube launched

BrightQube, the site for finding and selling images, has launched in a limited beta.

CEO Lee Cochran tells us that the official roll-out is next month aimed at the photo industry with key events such as PhotoPlus, Picturehouse and PACA agency conferences.

The BrightQube dynamic photo mosaic provides a very efficient visual means of finding the perfect picture. Future enhancements will allow for sales of micro stock as well as macro stock photography on the site. (Microstock refers to images that are royalty free and sell for under a dollar to about ten dollars, and are produced by amateurs and generally sold via the internet only).

brightqube photomosaic

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BrightQube: A new way to find photos

BrightQube is a site for selling photos - but with a twist. The website features an innovative layout that displays a large number of pictures in a photo mosaic. An Ajax interface allows you to zoom in and out of the mosaic, and pick out the picture you need without having to go through page after page of photos to find the one that you are looking for (such as at Istockphoto).

BrightQube helps sellers get their images found and sold . Individual photographers will be able to upload their photos to the site. BrightQube also lists inventory from several large partners.

BrightQube is about the way you find photos . Photographers are used to looking at large numbers of photos or slides laid out on table tops. The eye has an uncanny ability to pick out the best or most appropriate picture in a parallel fashion, which is much quicker than scanning pictures one by one.

brightqube photo mosaic

BrigthQube focuses on replicating this ability of the brain, in its image viewer, which can very quickly and interactively zoom in and out of the dynamic photo mosaic, rather like google maps. Although there is also a picture search engine, it is used secondarily to narrow down the field of pictures.

The BrightQube web site is not operational currently. The company is expected to present at Tech Crunch 20 (now Tech Crunch 40) on September 17th.

BrightQube has previously received series A funding.

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Clupedia releases innovative social bookmarking tool Clucast

ImageClupedia has just released its beta product, Clucast.

Clucast is crowdcasting, meets social bookmarking, meets Sphereit .

Clucast lets you visit any web page and leave a clue - a clue can be anything, a comment, a review, a bookmark, or a link. Any user who now visits the page can read the clue, if they have Clucast installed.

But this is the really revolutionary part. When you write a clue on any piece of content, such as a product, your clue is immediately broadcast to thousands of websites which mention that product. So any Clucaster can now read your comment on any of those web sites as well.

clupedia clucastThis is the only social book marking product that we know of which has this feature.

The Clupedia Clucast plugin is now available as a download from their website. The product currently works on the Firefox browser, and requires Java to be installed. David Saad, CEO of Clupedia, spent several months in Bangalore, India, developing the software.

The Clucast download is pretty fast and painless. Furthermore, they offer several incentives for installing Clucast, including revenue share with authors on ads which are viewed alongside the clues.

I can see this tool becoming huge with bloggers, and publishers. Also advertisers, who have so far had to rely on third party review websites such as Epinion, or to set up their own dedicated review websites, should get very excited about Clucast.


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