5 facts about Google phone

Over at GigaOm, Om Malik has served up 5 facts about the much-rumored Google phone from a “reliable source” that are worth checking out. Quick summary: the OS is Linux-based, it will run Java apps, supports video playback, the web-browser is Java-based and has UI similarities with iPhone’s Safari, and the phone apparently resembles the T Mobile Dash in terms of handset design.

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Sony T200 Cybershot - the Smiley camera

The Sony T200 Cyber Shot camera has a really neat feature - a smile detector . When the function is turned on, the camera actually waits for the subject to sport a smile before it clicks - automatically! The camera can be turned into an auto clicking mode where it will fire the shutter consecutively for 6 smiles. A lot of parents who are trying to get their kids to look happy on camera, should be very pleased with this invention.

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Glimpse women’s shopping site acquired by TheFind.com

TheFind.com has announced it will acquire the women’s shopping site Glimpse.com. Glimpse is an online shopping engine that allows visitors to shop for articles by brand name, product type or retail store. The search engine lists items from popular stores such as Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus.

A start-up itself, TheFind is a comparison shopping engine, funded to the tune of $23 million by Bain, Redpoint and Lightspeed Ventures. The acquisition will provide a social component to Glimpse, allowing users to share their finds with friends. The sale is reportedly for less than $100k.

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BitTorrent: An application platform for P2P

A new client has been developed for the iPhone, called µTorrent, which allows file transfer using Bittorrent (Bittorrent is the original pioneer of P2P file transfer on pc), on the iPhone. Ashwin Navin, President and co-founder of Bittorrent recently spoke about the application at a recent TiE entrepreneur’s mixer in Los Angeles. Ashwin is credited with building relationships between BitTorrent and mainstream media such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures. BitTorrent is providing app builders with tools - SDKs (software development kits) for building applications on top of the BitTorrent file transfer platform.

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