Micropledge - get software made - A crowd-chipin compared to crowd-sourcing


MicroPledge allows users to support software projects by making small pledges which add up to pay the developer.

There are several projects that I can think of which will probably cost $500 or so to do. Unfortunately those projects are not worth $500 to me, they are worth $15-$20.

So I can submit an Idea for the project on the MicroPledge and pledge $20 for it. Hopefully there will be others who need something similar and they might pledge $5-$10 for it and then you have a pool of money that is just enough for a developer to code the project.


Any user can submit a project idea or pledge to existing projects. Developers can quote to develop projects and get paid.

This is sort of like crowd sourcing in reverse- crowd-chipin, let’s call it.

Funny thing is that I saw this happen in health care industry for a major project once. Hospital A needed a piece of code written, developer wanted $1.5M for it. We got the sister hospital involved and the vendor was able to give us names of a few other hospitals that had similar systems, we called them up and got pledges to up their license fee by $200k if the new code is written. The developer had $1.5M+ in pledges and the work got done. The hospital A, ended up getting the software almost free because they agreed to beta test the code. Because the pledge was an increase in the license fee, the developer made a lot more than $1.5M. I was counsel to the first hospital and prepared the software development and implementation agreement for that deal.

There are times when the model is perfect! It is a great deal for the developer; they have the development funds pledged and the fact that it is a desirable piece of work, also means that the developer can license it or shareware it and improve his return. It is a great deal for the consumer, they get custom software written for a fraction of the cost.

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