STN: The first TV Network for Startups

startup tvStart-up Tv Network Inc. (STN) is a startup that brings together entrepreneurs and investors using online video and digital media. Here’s how it works: An entrepreneur submits his or her company to STN, at which point it is put under review. If approved, STN goes out and films the entrepreneur giving a 2 minute elevator pitch, which is uploaded and displayed on their website. From there, investors who are members of the site are able to view the pitch and choose whether they would like to invest. STN makes money on both sides of the equation: entrepreneurs are charged around $100 a month to have their video on the site, and although investors can join for free (only accredited investors are allowed membership), they have the option of paying to view other investors’ due diligence along with 3rd party research reports.

STN has filmed 50 companies to-date. The company is primarily focused on high tech startups, and is not planning on dealing with small retail or consumer product companies. In addition to membership fees and paid premium services, they plan to add revenue from advertising as well — whether ads will be embedded in the actual videos remains to be seen. Eventually, the company wants to expand to actualize its name by becoming a streaming video channel, both online and on cable.

For the past year STN has mostly remained in stealth mode. They recently raised $500k of a $1.5 million second round, with their initial seed round undisclosed.

This is an ambitious, unique idea for a startup, that if successful could eventually change the landscape for angel investors. Although many of the companies angels and VC’s invest in are dealing with the latest technology, the process of finding them remains largely offline. While this won’t replace the face-to-face pitch that investment groups are used to, it could prove to be an easy way to seed startups.

Start-Up Tv Network Inc. is located in Folsom, Calif., and is being backed by Velocity Venture Capital.

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