Apple’s stock loses traction after iPhone price cuts

Steve Jobs’ announcement on Wednesday that Apple is cutting the price of their 8 gigabyte iPhone by $200 to $399 immediately angered early adopters that have already purchased the iPod/phone. News of the price cut and prediction of the backlash hit Wall Street the day before, causing a slide for the company’s stock that continued through today: AAPL is currently down 9% from Tuesday, equating to a market cap loss of $11 billion. In the same announcement, Jobs revealed a new iPod model sharing many UI similarities with the iPhone, including Safari and Wi-fi support.

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Kiva - microloaning in real action - its key to success is transperency.


Amazingly beautiful! Kiva is SOLDOUT!

Kiva is a site that lets you make micro loans (as low as $25) to working poor entrepreneurs in the developing world; a seamstress needing a sewing machine, a builder who wants to buy tools, in countries like Azerbaijan, Samoa, Togo, Kenya, and Ecuador.

Kiva helps you help them. It is not a charity; it is a loan. The default rate for 2006 - close to zero percent!

The part that I really like is that it is “1-to-1″ lending. I browse businesses and choose the ones that I want to loan money to. The money doesn’t go into some big pool (and disappears) it is specifically directed to the business of my choice.

The website is beautifully simple and process is very straightforward; choose the business you want to support, pay using credit card or paypal and you are done. You will get repaid, which you can withdraw or lend to another business.

The part that will make this really successful is the transparency; you can look at the stats for each of the intermediary organization, their default rate, their delinquency rate and the risk associated with them.


The good news is that after some very positive reviews and then a feature on Oprah, all available businesses were snapped up.

This is a great concept and I hope it mushrooms. This is real biz origin!

Clupedia releases innovative social bookmarking tool Clucast

ImageClupedia has just released its beta product, Clucast.

Clucast is crowdcasting, meets social bookmarking, meets Sphereit .

Clucast lets you visit any web page and leave a clue - a clue can be anything, a comment, a review, a bookmark, or a link. Any user who now visits the page can read the clue, if they have Clucast installed.

But this is the really revolutionary part. When you write a clue on any piece of content, such as a product, your clue is immediately broadcast to thousands of websites which mention that product. So any Clucaster can now read your comment on any of those web sites as well.

clupedia clucastThis is the only social book marking product that we know of which has this feature.

The Clupedia Clucast plugin is now available as a download from their website. The product currently works on the Firefox browser, and requires Java to be installed. David Saad, CEO of Clupedia, spent several months in Bangalore, India, developing the software.

The Clucast download is pretty fast and painless. Furthermore, they offer several incentives for installing Clucast, including revenue share with authors on ads which are viewed alongside the clues.

I can see this tool becoming huge with bloggers, and publishers. Also advertisers, who have so far had to rely on third party review websites such as Epinion, or to set up their own dedicated review websites, should get very excited about Clucast.


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Nirvanix launches out of San Diego

Nirv2For web-based startups, sometimes too much success can be a bad thing. Sure, you can create and market a great product, but what happens if it really catches on? Unless you have enough servers to keep up, more likely than not your potential customers will find they can’t access what you and your team have worked so hard to create. That translates to lost dollars. Which is where Nirvanix, based out of San Diego, comes in. Nirvanix, which recently received $12M in funding, officially launched their beta service yesterday. From Socaltech:

Nirvanix said today that it has emerged from stealth, and has unveiled a new business-to-business storage service. Nirvanix said that the new service will provide storage targeted at Web 2.0, media application, service provider, and consumer electronics firms. The new service will be offered as a service to companies. The company is headed by Patrick Harr, former CEO of storage over the Internet provider Streamload (now MediaMax). Nirvanix said the firm’s services are in public beta and will be generally available this month, and will be priced at $0.18 per gigabyte per month of storage and $.18 per gigabyte transferred from the service. The firm’s services are similar to storage services offered by Amazon through its Amazon S3 storage services.

By contrast, Amazon’s SE service charges the same amount per GB transferred but their prices are slightly less for storage: only $0.15 per GB/month. One thing Nirvanix has that Amazon’s SE doesn’t, however, is a service level agreement guaranteeing 99.9% uptime for the service. No doubt this will be very important to startups attempting to scale their business by relying on an outside storage solution.

So far Amazon seems to be the only big player in this space; both Google’s rumored G Drive (which may have been scrapped, although they did recently open up extra storage space for a free) and Windows recently-launched SkyDrive do not have B2B functionality.

You can view a demo of Nirvanix’s service here.

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