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Qualifying for IRS exemption under 501(c)(3)


Once your corporation is registered with the State of Illinois, the next step in obtaining 501 (c) (3) qualification is to file the IRS Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 501(c)(3) status would provide your non profit corporation with the following benefits: public recognition of tax exempt status, which is particularly beneficial for obtaining grants; advance assurance to potential donors of the deductibility of contributions; exemption from certain Federal excise taxes; and even non profit mailing privileges. The application process to obtain this tax-exempt status can be a very complex and tedious one. We can assist you in this application process in order to ensure you that all of the necessary documents are completed and submitted in compliance with IRS requirements.
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Charitable Organizational Registration Statement


Nonprofit Corporation which solicits funds must file a Charitable Organization Registration Statement with the State. (Organizations which do not intend to solicit contributions and receive less than $15,000 during any 12 month period are exempt from these requirements.) Please note: ALL RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS requesting an exemption from filing Annual Reports must file this registration.
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Active Corporate Compliance Program


Incorporation requires that certain stautory formalities be followed, e.g., major decisions of the corporations need to be written down and proper resolutions prepared; any transfer of assets between a shareholder and the corporation needs to be properly described and approved by the directors.

A vast majority of the small business corporations do not take these formalities seriously and risk loosing the limited liabilty status offered by the corporate structure.

We have a unique solution to address this issue. It is called Active Corporate Complience. Because this issue is so imporatnt, we prefer not to leave it in the e-mail reminders. In the active compliance program, we will call you at 3 times a year (typically in 2 months, 6 months and 11th month). We will ask you basic questions as to the major things that the corporation has done and based on your answer, prepare an appropriate resolution of other steps needed to ensure that the corporate books reflect the deliberations of the decisions and actual decision.

With ACTIVE participation, you can be sure that we will be with you all the way and ensure that your corporation remain compliant and ready to serve you and protect you.

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