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DUNS Number


A DUNS number, administered by Dunn & Bradstreet, is a nine-digit number used to uniquely identify businesses. Many government agencies require that you have this number.
Having a DUNS number is also helpful in establishing credit for the corporation. We will initiate the process of obtaining the DUNS number for you. Typically D&B calls the business owner and varifies the business before issueing a DUNS number. It takes about 45 days to obtain a DUNS number.
List Price: $79.00
Price: $39.00

Resale and Sales Tax Exempt Use Certificates


If your business will involve taxable transactions, you must register as a sales and use tax dealer before you begin conducting business in the state.
your Corporation must provide each vendor with an Exempt Use Certificate to be exempt from paying State or local sales taxes. Includes 12 reusable certificates.
List Price: $69.00
Price: $39.00

State New Hire reporting


All states require all employers to submit their new hire reports within 20 days after the employee is hired or rehired or returns to work. The penalty for not reporting new hires can range from $25 per incident to $500 per incident.
Includes 10 New Hire Registration Forms. The forms are customized with your Corporation’s information, and you may re-use them for each person you employ.
List Price: $69.00
Price: $39.00

Incorporation and ID package


Includes Basic Incorporation and various state and Federal ID numbers required, including EIN, state employment ID, DUNS, New Hire Reporting, sales exempt number.
State Fees Inc (Required): Help
Registered Agent Service (Required): Help
List Price: $399.00
Price: $279.00

Indemnification Agreement and Covenant Not to Sue


If a Director or Officer is ever sued for actions taken on behalf of the Corporation, these provisions require that the corporation indemnify (pay all the legal expenses and pay any fines and judgements) the directors and officers. We strongly recommend that you include special provisions in your Articles of Incorporation and agreements.
List Price: $109.00
Price: $79.00

1244 Stock


The designation of the stock as Section 1244 Stock, allows you to deduct the losses in the corporation against your personal income. You can achieve tremendous tax savings by designating your stock as 1244 Stock.
What you get:
(i) All the necessary documentation
(ii) corresponding corporate resolutions
(iii) section 1244 Plan
(iv) special stock certificates
(v) periodic newsletter from our legal and accounting experts helping you stay in touch with any changes affecting the 1244 status.
List Price: $149.00
Price: $109.00

Corporate Agrmnts


Once the basic corporate entity is formed, you will need organizational and enabling resolutions.
For example, you will need a resolution by the board of directors authorizing that a bank account be opened and establishing who will have the signature authority. You will need to elect additional directors and designate CEO and other management positions. You may also establish the scope of the services undertaken by various officers of the corporation.
What you will get in this package
Resolution Adopting the Company’s Bylaws
Resolution authorizing a bank account and establishing signature authority
Additional Directors appointed to the board.
Establish the date of beginning of the fiscal year.
Establish Duties and Authorities
Make Multiple Officer Appointments
Adopt any tradenames
Adopt all the actions taken by the incorporator.
List Price: $199.00
Price: $149.00

Automobile lease by the corporation


If you use your vehicle for business purposes, it is generally much more advantageous to keep the vehicle in your name and lease the vehicle to the Corporation The typical tax savings under this type of arrangement ranges between $1,500.00 and $3,000.00 per tax year.
We can prepare a lease for you and also provide you with proper documentation authorizing the corporation to undertake the lease.
List Price: $99.00
Price: $79.00

Home office Lease


Leasing of the home space to the corporation creates a valuable tax deduction amd allows the corporation to use a portion of the shareholder's home as a work place, storage, or garage for the company vehicle.
List Price: $99.00
Price: $79.00

Shareholders Agreement


If your Corporation has more than one shareholder, we strongly recommend you enter into a Shareholders Restrictive Agreement. This agreement is entered into by the shareholders to define their duties and responsibilities to each other and to the Corporation. It is like a partnership agreement between the Shareholders.
List Price: $199.00
Price: $159.00

Asset Transfer


Generally, he lending of money to the corporation is accomplished with a Lender's Agreement and a Promissory Note. Both of these instruments together provide for an initial amount of a loan to the corporation and also provide for future advances of money the lender might make to the corporation. In the event of failure of the business, the loan will be fully tax deductible by the lender as a bad debt. Additionally, the lender may take this concept one step further and secure his or her loan to the corporation by using a Security Agreement. The Security Agreement is much like a mortgage generally securing all the assets of the corporation and the Security Agreement can be recorded to perfect the lien the lender may have against any other subsequent creditors of the corporation.
List Price: $99.00
Price: $79.00

Active Corporate Compliance Program


Incorporation requires that certain stautory formalities be followed, e.g., major decisions of the corporations need to be written down and proper resolutions prepared; any transfer of assets between a shareholder and the corporation needs to be properly described and approved by the directors.

A vast majority of the small business corporations do not take these formalities seriously and risk loosing the limited liabilty status offered by the corporate structure.

We have a unique solution to address this issue. It is called Active Corporate Complience. Because this issue is so imporatnt, we prefer not to leave it in the e-mail reminders. In the active compliance program, we will call you at 3 times a year (typically in 2 months, 6 months and 11th month). We will ask you basic questions as to the major things that the corporation has done and based on your answer, prepare an appropriate resolution of other steps needed to ensure that the corporate books reflect the deliberations of the decisions and actual decision.

With ACTIVE participation, you can be sure that we will be with you all the way and ensure that your corporation remain compliant and ready to serve you and protect you.

Corp or LLC Name: Help
List Price: $459.00
Price: $359.00

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