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We make copyright registration easy and effective for you. All you need to do is to answer some simple questions, send us the material that you would like to have copyrighted and we will take care of the rest:

Here is what you get:

  • We will prepare the forms
  • We will prepae the material to be copyrighted to be in the format required by the copyright office
  • We willpromptly file your material with the copyright office.
  • All copyright office fees are included
  • We will answer any questions that the copyright office may have about the copyright application.
  • We will host the copyright registration on our website so you can show a live copyright registration.

Please see the details page for several advantages of getting your copyright registration.

The types of works that can be copyrighted are:

  • Literary works
  • Software, business logos, designs.
  • Musical works, including any accompanying words
  • Dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  • Pantomimes and choreographic works
  • Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  • Sound recordings
  • Architectural works
List Price: $149.00
Price: $109.00

Website content auto copyright registration


Are you tired of your competitors stealing the content of your website? Without the copyright registration, you are essentially powerless to do anything about it.

We make it extremly easy and effective for you. All you do is to provide us the URL of your website, we will download, print and submit the content of your website for copy rightregistration every sixmonth for a year. We will send you the copyright registration and host a digital copy of your copyright registration on our server, that you can link to from your copyright notice on your website.

It gives warning to your competitors to stay away from the protected content and also gives you right to sue them for "statutory damages" for misappropriating your content and may even allow you to collect triple damages for willful copyright infringement.


1.   We will print (if necessary) and submit the content to the copyright office.
2.   We will prepare  all the necessary forms and promptly file them with the copyright office.
3.   We will send you the copyright registration certificate
4.         We will submit the updated content of the website for copyright registration every six months or when you have major update on the site (two registrations per year)

5.   We will host the copyright registration certificate on our server and you can link it from your site to let your visitors know that the work has been registered.

List Price: $199.00
Price: $149.00

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