Aperto Networks : The WiMax service provider completes Series E $19M financing

Aperto is an important player in the international WiMax rollout. They provide the base stations and the subscriber units for WiMax and currently serves over 65 counties. Aperto has been ahead of its revenue plans for several quarters. Recently Aperto’s WiMax gear was selected for deployment in Greece, in a pilot unit in advance of nationwide rollout.

Aperto Network just completed a third trench of Series E financing round of $19 million, bringing the company’s total capitalization to $139 million.

The financing round was led by GunnAllen Venture Partners, JK&B Capital, Canaan Partners, Alliance Ventures, Innovacom, JAFCO, Labrador Ventures, and Tyco. Aporto plans to use the funds to accelerate the deployment of WiMax products on a global basis.

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American Venture TV - Real Reality Show?

American Venture Network is launching the “American Venture Television”.

Current programming on AVTV includes AVTV NEWS, a three times weekly show with editorial content, funding details through “Who Got Money,�? entrepreneur/investor profiles in the “Movers & Shakers�? segment.

The first episode seemed like a recitation of the textual information without any further details (although “the connect now” with live links is a nice touch) but I am not the one to judge the product, especially the media product, on its debut. A focused video broadcast related to niche topic like venture funding is welcome and will surely find its audience, especially since it is backed by the great resources available to its sister media property, the American Venture Magazine.

NYTimes has made slow but steady progress in offering videos. Just yesterday they announced that they will allow embedding their videos on other website and will solicit user generated videos. I see the AVTV moving in the same direction. The first step: add depth to the broadcast by including special content that can only be offered in a video, the second step: allow embedding the videos on other sites and third: include user generated videos to be posted, especially by the companies that are in the same space or are competitor of the ventures that are being discussed.

Each startup has 1000 stories to tell and the days of real reality shows of startups and venture funding, and their trials and tribulations can’t be far behind.

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Gaming, Web 2.0, Google Maps and Areae.net

Former Sony Online Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Raph Koster starts Areae, a combination of virtual worlds and entertainment. Areae means many places or “many worlds” in Latin. Susan Wu describes it as Second Life meets Web 2.0. Areae received funding from Crescendo Ventures and Charles River Ventures, but the amount was not disclosed.

There have been rumors that Google expects to open up Google Maps and SketchUP for a meshup to create your own cities and google life.

There is clearly a need for more MMOG (massively multiplayer online games) and as more and more communities discover the joys of the game, the participation is bound to go up. I don’t buy the hype of alternate economies (most of the numbers you hear about people making zillions of $$ in these games are fake) but the concept has a great value as an entertainment franchise, and I am glad that the developers are fostering it.

(via Susan Wu’s VC blog and Gamebizdaily)

Company: Areae Inc.,
Investors: Crescendo Ventures and Charles River Ventures
Amount of funding: Not disclosed.
Location: San Diego

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CNNMoney’s dumb list of 101 dumbest moments in business

CNN Money just came out with their 101 Dumbest moments in business. Dumb is defined as “dense: slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity” So genuine accidents are NOT dumb. If an idea doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that it was a dumb idea!

The list is kind of dumb - literally: it is lacking in intellectual acuity.

Their number 1 dumbest moment is Walmart’s PR campaign.

Dubbing its campaign “Candidate Wal-Mart,” the firm trumpets all manner of new Wal-Mart initiatives: improved employee health-care benefits, higher starting pay levels, new stores in downtrodden neighborhoods, reasonably priced organic foods, and a flat $4 fee for hundreds of generic prescription drugs.

Now what was so dumb about this? It was a great effort and in an election year, it made sense. Sure, Walmart’s profit dropped last year, but it had nothing to do with the PR campaign.

CNNMoney’s number 31 Goldman Sachs aggressively defended their name against an adult business with domain name goldmansex.com. That was the right thing to do; when did it become dumb to protect one’s brand name? Come again, what was dumb about this one?

Number 65: CIA advertises on Comedy Central with a tag line “Are you ready for a world of ambiguity and adventure?” This I thought was brilliant - trying to capture the hip audience that Comedy central has managed to acquire.

I think this is the dumbest thing CNNMoney has published!

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