iPhone 3.0 as a replacement for Mindstorm NXT Robot brain

Last week I upgraded my iPhone to Version 3.0 and also priced a robotic kit for an inquisitive 10 year old.

And it seems clear to me that there is no better robotic brain on the market than an iphone or iPod touch!

The most popular robotic kit is the Lego Mindstorm NXT and iPhone should replace the brick used in the Mindstorm kit.

The iPhone/iPod 3.0 has everything a robotic brain should have and then some! It has WiFi, blue tooth, peer to peer connection, a robust gps, and the ability to control other peripherals. In fact, one can even use the audio to transmit data and decode it on the receiving end using applications like iData.



I can totally see an application that recreates and improves the capability of the Mindstorm NXT on iPhone and makes possible a community that develops very functional and notable robots.


I’ll be the first one to buy it!

The iPhone developer kit has been downloaded 800,000 times; I am sure one of them is listning!

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