When life gives you lemons - the business version

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade, lemon meringue pie, lemon rosemary chicken while I am sipping tequila with lemon.

But what if life gave me lemons as the main resource for my business? I need to come up with a business plan using the lemons!


Here are a few ideas:

  • Start a lemonade stand! Call it Citrus-elixir and see if PinkBerry or Starbucks would acquire you.
  • make lemon confectionary (lemon drops, lemon pie, lemon bars…)
  • get the juice out, paint the skins gold and sell it on eBay
    (Bonus if you can make the peels look like virgin Mary)
  • Shave the lemon zest and sell it as potpourri
  • Plant the seeds and wait - in 30 years you will have a lemon orchard
  • Sell the lemons as a spare battery for a digital clock; work with big three auto makers to see if lemon batteries can be used to power electric cars.

lemon clock

  • Sell lemons as a miracle product to clean metalllic surfaces
  • Sell it as a all purpose cleaning product for kitchen - clean your cutting board, counter tops, microwave, garbage disposal.. it really works.
  • Sell it as a natural highlighter for hair
  • Sell it as miracle anti-aging product
  • package the juice and sell it as “invisible ink”
  • Make invisible ink printer and sell overpriced ink cartridge


  • Sell it to all the banks as a replacement for little moist-pads that they have to help the teller count money
  • Create a recipe for lemonade and sell the recipe as a digital download
  • write a book on 200 uses of lemons and sell it on Amazon
  • figure out a way to use lemons as bio fuel; ask congress for reaserch money or bailout money
  • Use it as a collateral and get a loan to start another business (OK, this would have worked in 2007, but not so much in 2009)
  • Buy forward contracts for lemon delivery in 2010 and manipulate price of the lemons to strike it rich

But my favorite business idea for using lemons is: put ads on the lemon skins to monetize it. If you can’t find sponsors, just put google adsense on it.


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