Why I want >576 Mega pixel, multi lens, 50 frame per second, point and shoot camera


Next time a person tells me that I don’t need a digital camera with more than 6-10 mega pixel resolution, I am going to hit him/her on the head with the sharp corner of my camera (my potential targets here, here and all over).

People who say that you don’t need more than 6 Mega pixel resolution in your camera are the same people who proclaimed “64K computer memory should be enough for anybody”.

These myopic folks miss the basic point of why one takes pictures. One does not take pictures to print out 3×4 prints from the local drug store; one takes pictures to preserve the memory, capture the moment for ever.

When people are running away from their burning house, what do they grab first? their old pictures! It is one of the most precious possession in people’s lives. Why would you want the most precious thing in your life to be of a mediocre quality?

When I click the shutter on my camera, I want to capture at least what my eyes can see. Apparently, if you converted the resolution of what an eye can perceive in to mega pixel, it turns out that an eye can see at 576 Mega pixel. So, I want my camera to be at least 576MP camera; is that too much to ask?

When I look out, I see in stereo; with full depth - is it too much to expect that my camera does the same?

I want to take pictures for the unknown technology that will be available to me in 20 years, not for the 3×4 print that can be printed now! Even today, there are methods that can take a regular print and create a 3D scene out of it. God know where this technology will be in 20 years. And when that technology is available, do I want a digital picture taken at resolution of 5MP or 500MP?

Even the displays are getting bolder and sharper. In 20 years, there may be life like displays, and on that display, would you like to use a picture taken with 5MP or 500MP resolution? When you recreate that precious moment in holographic 3D, which image do you think will show the details?

The main mistake these so called “experts” make, is that they believe that the only thing that can and will be done with a digital image, is to print it! A digital image is nothing but a piece of digital data; you can do a lot with it and when you are manipulating data, it is better to have as much original data as possible! It is not about being able to crop the image, it is about preserving most available data for future technology and processing advances.

If I can’t afford to buy 576MP camera or I can’t handle a multi lens camera, that is a different story; just don’t patronize me and tell me that I don’t need anything beyond 6MP camera.

Here is an example of a gigpixel image; see how much you can capture.


You can also visit the gogapxl image gallery.

<Rant complete> We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

3 Responses to “Why I want >576 Mega pixel, multi lens, 50 frame per second, point and shoot camera”

  1. By Alex Lindahl on Apr 13, 2021 | Reply

    Stanford researchers are also developing a 3D camera by cramming over 12,000 individual lenses into one device.


  2. By acn on May 10, 2021 | Reply

    I do not know your credentials to make such broad sweeping over generalizations? But I found your article really odd…misinformed. Answer me this…for someone that thinks a
    ‘humungo-pixel’ rated camera is THE WAY to go-based on evidence the human eye sees images in 576 MEGAP’s…Why are the best professional digi-cameras rated for at around 6 to 8 MP’s and not a pixel more?
    Well, for one it is the size if the pixels that are incorporated that make a significant difference! That is for starters!

    Size matters Alex…so I will be the one who tells you that 6-10MP’s does not make that much difference…and if you make good on your promise to beat me over the head with your “Instamatic”…I will smack you back with my larger pixels…because in the end Alex size always matters!

  3. By Nick Parks on Mar 2, 2022 | Reply

    Wow… The gigapxl site has amazing clarity for how far away the picture was taken without zoom.

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