Rubber band Model of Universe : Winner of 2008 Stanford Innovation Tournament.

Last week, I wrote about the Stanford Innovation Tournament . Every year, Stanford sponsors a tournament where the participants are asked to “add value” to a common, everyday item. This year, the item chosen was a rubber band.

I had my simple and complex ways of adding value to a rubber band. But despite my involvement in the “Talk Like a Physicist” campaign, I did not think about using a rubber band to demonstrate a physics concept! :-(
One of the winning entries is by Michael Fisher, demonstrating a rubber band model of the Einstein’s Theory of special relativity. As a true business school major and a marketer, he titled it as ” a model of the Universe”, let’s not quibble about that.

My favorite entry was the Artweb 2.0


However, the most educational and enlightening example was that of “failure”.


Which taught them “Fail early - fail fast!” and just because you build it, people won’t necessarily come.

3 Responses to “Rubber band Model of Universe : Winner of 2008 Stanford Innovation Tournament.”

  1. By PaulCram on Mar 5, 2022 | Reply

    I think the last one was the best. Although it did not add value to a rubber band.

  2. By Yas on Mar 5, 2022 | Reply

    Does the physics video even make sense? Do you have to have a PhD to understand it?

  3. By Alex Lindahl on Apr 13, 2021 | Reply

    College entrepreneurship is certainly on the rise with over 10,000 new startups founded each year in undergrad and grad, and by recent graduates. A lot of these companies are building businesses off of campus developed technologies too. Remember Google? - that was one from Stanford.

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