Notes from the AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC : Content vs. Connections

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Do you go to the internet for the content or for the connections?

Drew Lipsher of Greysoft says that “The perceived economic value of content is approaching zero.” Jim Spanfeller of says that the reason people come to the internet is the content.

People get fired up about one or the other concept, and there is a big debate going on. Jeff Jarvis has a good wrap on it.

I don’t see it as “either-or” proposition. One needs content, one needs connections, one needs content generated by the connections, and one needs connections generated by the content.

Today I spent more time on the internet reading WSJ and XKCd then visiting my LinkedIn or Facebook profile page. I also know a person who spent all her time today on Myspace, reading and writing and drafting clever messages and posting animated gifs. I went online for the content, she went there for connections and, I would argue, the content generated by the connections.

There are various forums and bulletin boards that I frequent. I have never posted in many of them. Forums are THE place for user generated content; but I don’t go there for connections, I visit them because of the high quality content that the users generate on the forum.

The main reason why one even needs to make a distinction between content and connections, is that the old way of serving ads on the internet are not working as well. For the longest time, the ads were tied to the content. There was a website with specific content, which attracted a particular type of reader and the ads were served from the webpage to the user. Publishers always thought it was too risky to trust their brands to “user generated” contents.

In new social media environment, the ads need to be dissociated from the content and need to follow the user. Don’t follow the content, follow the connections.

Each method of advertising, TV, radio, Print, content, or connection, presents a different slice and blend of the user base. Different demographics follow different trends and different media. Once you know which group you want the exposure to, an optimized ad strategy will tell you which media, or which content or which connection to use.

Coming back to the notes from the AlwaysOn OnMedia, AbleBrains has a summary of the CEO pitches. Most notable presentations were from AzoogleAds, which is a performance based ad network and relies on CPA (cost per action) to generate revenue and not on CPM or CPC.


and UnisFair which provides virtual events and virtual worlds for marketing or virtual interactions with a user group. Cisco has “Cisco Partner Space” where facilitates collaboration between customers, partners and Cisco.

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  1. By Sally Hertz on Jan 31, 2022 | Reply

    Great commentary. I think content and connections feed on each other, like you say. You can’t find connections online if you have nothing interesting to say.

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