Liberty Media buying for $100 million

image Debt crunch not withstanding, deal making at the sub-billion dollar level carries on at a decent clip. Liberty Media Corp. - parent of the publicly traded Liberty Interactive (which owns QVC) and Liberty Capital (which owns Starz) has announced that it will acquire a controlling stake in

Liberty Media has been focusing on acquiring niche internet sites which actually have real revenues. Their past acquisitions include - an ecommerce site that sells outdoor sporting gear, and, an online flower delivery service. contains a lot of information on fitness and body building (18,000 pages according to them) and has an active community. The site is getting about 2 million visitors per month, has 100,000 users, and sells a whole range of health, fitness, muscle building and weight loss products.

Bodybuilding was self funded until 2007, when the private equity firm, Milestone Partners acquired a 60% stake in the company.’s revenues are expected to reach $120 million in 2008, up from $90 million in 2007. Given the numbers on the acquisition ($100 million for a controlling stake), Liberty Media seems to be getting a pretty good deal!

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