I support the Microsoft-Yahoo merger because Google is my frenemy

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I fully support the Microsoft and Yahoo merger; mainly because I consider Google to be my frenemy.

Frenemy is defined as:

Someone who is both friend and enemy, a relationship that is both mutually beneficial or dependent while being competitive, fraught with risk and mistrust.


And without a doubt, Google is my number one Frenemy. I love some of their products, but I worry that they have so much information about ever body and it is just a matter of time before their privacy policy crumbles.

As I said a while ago, Google is so much ahead of the competitors that Google is skewing the market and tilting the playing field for innovations. If you ever cross Google, Google is the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner. Google is stronger than God, and I don’t like any entity wielding so much power over me.

And as the old adage goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I want to see a real alterative to Google for online ads, web search and online office applications.

google_ballsYahoo couldn’t compete with Google and I was concerned that they have essentially conceded to Google in the field of web search. Microsoft couldn’t compete with Google, because well, they are Microsoft and they have their own ways of doing things. But combined Microsoft and Yahoo, Microshoo, might provide real competition to Google in some important fields.

Microshoo might not be able to catch up with Google in search technology, but there is a real chance that Yahoo and Microsoft combined will provide a viable alternative to ad-sense and online advertisement market. Online office application could go either way, but I do expect Microsoft+yahoo to put up a robust defense before they concede that domain.

ImageIn some of the websites I maintain, 80% of the traffic comes from Google. I think that is just wrong - it means that I am not in control of my website, Google is. Anything that can be done to bring that ratio down, to reduce my reliance on Google, is a good thing.

NewYork Times is reporting that CEO of Google placed a call to Yahoo chief, offering the company’s help in fending off Microsoft’s offer. One of the ways that Google can help is by having Yahoo outsource the web search to Google. NO, NO, I don’t want to see that happen and believe me, you don’t want to have Google the only provider of web search - if that happens, you might as well wear shackles with Google logo on it.

I am convinced that the Microsoft and Yahoo merger is good for Microsoft, good for Yahoo and most importantly, it is good for the internet community; both in the short term and in the long run.

Go Microshoo, Go!

2 Responses to “I support the Microsoft-Yahoo merger because Google is my frenemy”

  1. By Dean Kelley on Feb 4, 2022 | Reply

    That’s a funny take on the merger. You will also lose a lot of competition if Yahoo and Microsoft merged.

  2. By steveG on Feb 4, 2022 | Reply

    What do you have against Google? You should be thankful that they are sending so much traffic to your website. If Yahoo and MSN are providing you 15% of the traffic, why do you think Microsoft Yahoo combined will provide you more visitors?

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