Green cars - top picks

Green cars are getting - well greener with the latest crop of electric and hybrid cars hitting the market with prices all the way up to a half of a million dollars!

Our top picks of the electric/ hybrid cars

image Most likely to impress: The Venturi Fetish wins this category. The fact that you were willing to drop $435k just to save the environment has to impress a few folks. So what if it sports less of a range and top speed than cars a tenth of its price? If you are worried about such mundane things, you might be looking at the wrong end of the spectrum!

 image Most likely to get rid of your date in a hurry: If you have an extra $108k, why not spend it on something really ugly - like the Commuter Cars Tango T600? With a face only a CEO could love (and a body to match!), this strange 3 wheel design electric could make a great getaway car with a top speed of 150 mph and the ability to squeeze between two traffic lanes!

 image The coolest: The most sexy car, by far, is still the Tesla roadster - although the car has had its share of growing pains recently. For those who have been salivating ever since they put down their $20,000 deposits on the car, we wish them the best and hope the wait is not too much longer.

 image Best "value": If you want the most range and top speed for the buck, and don’t particularly care that your car looks like a green bug flapping its wings, the Brazilian Obvio 828e is a good choice. Designed by the racing legend Anisio Campos, the all electric car will get you around town with a max range of 240 miles and top speed 120 mph for a price of $49k.

 image Funniest looking car: In this category, the Myers Motos NmG (No more Gas) rolls on its own. Reminiscent of the wiener mobile, this car makes up for its outlandish looks by not going very far (30 miles, tops)!


For a complete list of 27 electric car companies, see VentureBeat.

3 Responses to “Green cars - top picks”

  1. By Jay Lee on Jan 15, 2022 | Reply

    All the cars that are reasonably priced, look like toy cars.

  2. By Roshan on Jan 15, 2022 | Reply

    Some of them are just glorified golf carts.

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