Constant Contact - what happened?

Constant contact has filed for a secondary offering following its IPO last year- but that is not good news.

image Constant contact is a provider of direct marketing e-mail software. We were a bit surprised when the company filed for its IPO in July of last year. The very first day the company’s stock rose to over $30 a share, well above the initial pricing of $16 per share, putting its market cap at $200 million with 67 million shares sold. This was one of the hot tech IPOs to watch in 2007. Since then the stock has fallen to $14 per share.

Recently Constant Contact registered to sell 4.2 million shares from current stockholders.  Ironically, the stock is being sold to pay the expenses for the offering! 658,620 additional shares are expected to be floated this time around. It appears that insiders are selling after the expiration of the lock-up period.

So what happened to Constant Contact? Back in February of this year Kris Tuttle of Seeking Alpha had predicted that  after the end of the lockup period, prices would come down to a more realistic $10 to $12 per share. Some of the reasons he had were:

1.The  earning expectations for the company are much higher than would be expected of a SAAS company.

2. Customer acquisition costs are pretty high.

3. The e-mail marketing game is very crowded an expectation of 40 month customer lifetime is not realistic

4. The expectation of return on invested capital is low.

Looks like that prediction was on the money!

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