BIL - the un-conference : Answer to TED

Let me start out by saying that this un-conference thing is not for me. I didn’t like the couple of these things I have attended, I don’t like the idea of it, I don’t like how they are executed and I don’t like the outcome.

Here is BIL un-conference.


BIL is…

an open, self-organizing, emergent, and anarchic science and technology conference.

Nobody is in charge.
If you want to come, just show up.
If you have an idea to spread, start talking.
If someone is saying something interesting, stop and listen.

What do you need to bring to the un-conference?

Things to bring…
A camp chair. Who knows where you’ll end up having a session. Bring your own folding chair, like this one.
A laptop.
A cell phone.
A camcorder (if you have one).
A power strip.

Funny thing is that I might actually attend the Bil2009 conference. Why? because despite its inefficiency and despite its unfocused organization, it has potential and it offers a soapbox that is interesting. Moreover, I keep thinking that a couple of un-conferences that I attended did not have a “critical mass” of people, so Bil2009 might be a part of the continued experience of exploring the un-conference format.

I don’t like un-conferences very much but I dislike regular rigid conferences even more! So see you at BIL2009. TED and BIL are coordinated so BIL happens just after the TED.

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  1. By Tyler Emerson on Mar 4, 2022 | Reply


    Grumpyitis much? :)

    How about a blog post on what kind of conference you’d like to see? That could be interesting.


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