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A new startup called Wixi puts a twist on media sharing by giving each person that registers on their site a virtual desktop to arrange their pictures, movies and audio files, with storage space to boot.

Once you upload a file, it appears on your “desktop.” From there, you can drop it into an existing folder, create a new folder for it, or, if you’re like me, you’ll just let it sit there because you like to clutter things. Any type of video or sound file you upload is automatically converted to Wixi’s “universal media player” flash format, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues (the system is licensed from the guys that do the same thing for DailyMotion). Once it’s there, other friends you have on Wixi can check it out, or you can distribute it outside of the program via a permalink or embeddable player. One of the really cool options Wixi has when it comes to media sharing is privacy options. The app lets you select specific privacy settings for each piece of media you upload. If you only want a certain friend knowing that you uploaded the music video for that one Madonna song you like but never tell anyone about, Wixi lets you do that.

The upload utility itself is still a work in progress. Although Wixi says you will eventually be able to upload multiple files at once (a feature that is definitely needed), currently you can only do one at a time. Also, right now the files have to be on your local hard drive, but according to a button that’s currently inoperable you will be able to point it to the url of a file on the web and Wixi will grab it.

This is one of those Web 2.0 ideas that doesn’t just sound cool in theory, but seems like something that I’ll actually use. Wixi’s creator points out that although there are a lot of different places out there to upload media (Flickr, YouTube, etc), there’s nowhere to aggregate it all in one place. Facebook has some limited functionality in this area now that you can post videos and images. However, Wixi really blows it out of the water when it comes to privacy options for individual files. Also, FB just isn’t set up to focus on the media area. Wixi fills this gap. It may even find itself a future acquisition target.

Wixi, based out of New York, just premiered at TechCrunch40. Check out TC’s coverage for a password that allows you to beta test the app.

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