Will it blend?

willitblend logoWhat do a golf ball, tiki torch, rake and crystal have in common? They have all been through the blender on WillItBlend.com!

The company, Blendtec, is less known for its heavy duty home and industrial blenders, as it is known for its hilarious videos, where the CEO Tom Dickson in a lab coat, tries to run anything and everything through a blender.

In a stroke of marketing genius, director George Wright (covered on WSJ), saw the potential in an initial spot which demonstrated the power of the blenders chewing through a 2×2. This has led to a publicity minefield, and the creation of a series of videos that capture the blenders doing their thing on a whole lot of common household items.

The site willitblend.com carries the videos in two categories, “Do not try this at home” and “Try this at home”. A shot of the flaming tiki torch (do not try, of course) shows the blender blades digesting the entire torch, stem and all!

While a lot of companies have “viral marketing” as part of their business plan, rarely does one actually accomplish it with as much ease and aplomb as Blendtec has managed to.

While the company has been around since 1975, the brand was reborn last November, when the company started its very successful online campaign. The initial videos proved to be a great hit on Youtube and Revver, and the story was picked up on Digg.

Today, the company is not just reaping the benefit of higher sales of its product, but companies are actually lining up to be featured in the Willitblend videos. For $5000 a piece, you can send your product to the Blendtec and team, and get the important question answered - “Will it blend?”.

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  1. By Jake on Jul 2, 2021 | Reply

    I like the one with golf balls!

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