Web 3.0 : Are we there already?


People have been discussing Web 3.0 for at least a year now! Jeffery Zeldman talked about it but more in the sense of “lets get off this Web 2.0″ merry go round and move on to the next ride in this amusement park that we call the web.

Andy Carvin said:

First, we had Web 1.0 - the read-only web. Then came Web 2.0 - the read-write web - all of these services that make it easy for us to contribute content and interact with others. If you keep up the programming analogy, the next phase would be Web 3.0 - the Read-Write-Execute Web.

And Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google discussed it a few days ago. He said that while Web 2.0 was based on Ajax, Web 3.0 will be:

“applications that are pieced together” - with the characteristics that the apps are relatively small, the data is in the cloud, the apps can run on any device (PC or mobile), the apps are very fast and very customizable, and are distributed virally (social networks, email, etc)..

Not sure why he defined Web 2.0 as “based on Ajax”; I presume it is a euphemism for “interactive” and not a technical term.

If this is what the definition of web 3.0 is, then we are here already! We are already doing mashable things and using web 2.0 to distribute it.

Honestly, this numbering scheme troubles me; every time a vendor releases software that is deemed as “major upgrade” I keep thinking that somebody just fixed some bugs in the previous version, got some more stickers to put on the box and now wants more $$$ for the new version.

I hope thats not the case for Web 3.0.

If you have any doubt, check around: how many of the Web 2.0 applications that you know are still in beta phase? Shouldn’t we wait till they are out of beta testing?

It’s either that, or the whole Web 2.0 was really Web 3.0 in Beta testing.

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