Visual effects company Digital Domain Files for IPO

digital_domain_logoDigital Domain, a 14-year-old, Venice, California based visual effects and animation company, filed to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering.

It has been a long time coming from Digital Domain - they were planning an IPO in 1999 but the IPO market dried up. It is always nice to see IPO opportunities bubble up again.

In 2006 the company was acquired by private investment firm Wyndcrest Holdings, a group led by movie director Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor) and investor John Textor.

The award-winning company has produced computed generated special effects for films and other media. They also maintain a strong position in media convergence with online branding and an impressive list of clients. Digital Domain received the Best Visual Effects Academy Award in 1997 and 1998 (for its work on Titanic and What Dreams May Come, respectively).

For the nine months ended Sept. 30, the company reported a loss of $15M on revenue of $56.6M.

The company plans to use proceeds from the IPO to prepay in full its existing secured notes. Remaining proceeds will be used to expand its technology development and licensing program and to branch into the production of animated and visual effects-driven feature films and the development and production of video games.

Digital Domain Co-chairman Michael Bay is a famed producer who recently directed “Transformers” and “Armageddon.” Mark Miller, the company’s president and CEO, is a former executive of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic.

Founders include Hollywood hotshots James Cameron, Stan Winston, and Scott Ross.

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  1. By Keith Fleming on Dec 31, 2021 | Reply

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