V-Enable’s mobile voice enabled search - people are talking

imageV-enable is a voice based search that users can access via their mobile phones, and receive the search results via SMS. Contrary to searches conducted on desktop or laptop computer, searches for information via browsers on mobile phones has always been slow, and adoption has lagged behind that on the other platforms.

V-enable’s patented voice based search is faster, and much easier to use on mobile phones. It is supposed to be about 90% accurate and takes about 1-2 seconds. With all the interest in using cell phones for finding information and content, should see this segment of the search market growing quite a bit in the near future.

 imageAnd of course any technology that promotes cell phone usage is music to the ears of carriers - particularly 411 services for which companies charge $1 to $2 per search. In August of 2007, V-enable signed a deal with MetroPCS to provide its mobile 411 service.

The field of voice automation is seeing a lot of excitement, recently.

Nuance, a company that we have profiled before, is a provider of speech recognition software. In August of 2007, Nuance joined Jingle which operates the Free411 service. Jingle has an ad supported revenue model. To use Jingle, you call 1-800-FREE411 and ask for your listing (but not before you listen to an ad regarding Botox plus the offer to connect to the advertiser right away!).

In March of 2007, Microsoft bought Mountain view based Tellme, another provider of speech recognition software in a deal rumored to be worth about $800 million. One hopes this ushers in an era of voice based commands for PCs and all other devices such as PDAs and televisions, an area that has been teetering at the brink of usefulness for a while now.

San Diego based V-enable raised $6 million in Series C funding from Palisades Ventures and Softbank Capital. Earlier investors include Siemens Mobile Acceleration, Sorrento Ventures and the Tech Coast Angels.


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  1. By Jack S. on Dec 22, 2021 | Reply

    Google also has a free service where you can sms a code for the listing that you want, and you get a reply on your phone in about 30 seconds.

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