Two Fish: One more stealth gaming platform on the horizon!

We wrote about Areae just a few days ago and the news of new and interesting game companies keep cropping up like the dandelions!

Two fish is an MMO (massively Multiplayer Online Game) platform and VC’s seem to be taking particular liking to these genre! Some new ones on the horizon are Rupture, D2C, Red5 and Areae. Lee Crawford, the founder was at Yahoo Games as the Director of Engineering, so I guess he knows a thing or two about the gaming world. Lee is slated to speak about raising funds for a game company at the Game Developers conference in San Francisco.

Not sure what is the total amount raised so far, but the latest is that they have raised about $2.5M from Venrock Associates.

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  1. By Cheryl on Feb 4, 2022 | Reply

    Yeah, they are in real stealth mode. Their website just has a job openings page - no other info….

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