Twitter: What are you doing?

twitter logoI decided to join the crowd and try out Twitter. Whether or not Twitter can be called a killer app, might be up for debate, but it sure does what it promises, and that too, with a minimum of hassle.

Twitter is simple. It asks “what are you doing?”. You can write a short clip on your activities. It gets posted to your page on Twitter. Once you sign up friends, they can join in on the chirping. If you post a picture, your clips also appear on the main Twitter home page (but you have the choice to not allow that).

Entries can be typed in at the website, or sent via IMs (Google talk but no Yahoo IM, why?), or from a cell phone. Set up for both of these turned out to be remarkably easy and transparent.

The best feature is the ability to embed your Twitter into your favorite home page. This is where you can put some of your down time (if you are fortunate enough to have any) to good use - like if you are waiting in line for the iPhone to come out on Friday - and blog away remotely from your mobile phone.

While I have every conceivable application on my Palm phone, I rarely use them. Twitter is easy that way - you simply send a quick text message to your account with the latest piece of news, and you are done. No need to download a large application. Also since people generally write short clips, there is less of a time barrier, not to mention writer’s inertia, to deal with.

Twitter is already becoming quite a platform (in the way Facebook has, and LinkedIn plans to). Applications such as Twitteriffic, built upon their API, lets you know when other Twitter members are near by.

The most interesting story behind the story of Twitter is about its CEO Evan Williams who is considering raising VC funding - but more on that later. With 4 million users, it is interesting to note that Twitter actually has a choice on that front.

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3 Responses to “Twitter: What are you doing?”

  1. By Jake on Jun 28, 2021 | Reply

    You get news faster on Twitter.

  2. By Liz Escabar on Jun 28, 2021 | Reply

    I guess I am socially challenged: no facebook, no myspace, no tweeter, no geo location; I am surprised I even have friends.

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