TriTech Fast Pitch Competition

The next TriTech Fast Pitch competition is being held at the UC Riverside Campus on November 29, 2007.

12 startups, selected through a competitive process, will present their pitches to 12 judges who will grade them on their presentation and funding potential. The prize for the top 3 companies will be the chance to present to the Tech Coast Angels, for possible future investment.

The 2006 Fast Pitch winner in the best presentation category was MaMoCa, a southern California company that has developed marker-less motion capture technology for the video, TV and movie animation business.

The Fast Pitch winner in the Best Investment category was Clupedia, which has an innovating social bookmarking tool Clucast, that we have covered before. Clupedia went on to receive $1.3M in funding following last year’s fast pitch competition.

Following the last Fast Pitch competition, we had written about the Art of the Fast pitch and what judges are looking for in the 1 minute presentation.

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