Tim Draper : Our pick for the most entertaining VC!

tim draper elephantTim Draper of Draper Fischer and Jurvetson wins our prize for the most fun venture capitalist around. Known for discovering major powerhouses like Hotmail and Skype, long before the concepts of free email and free net based phone calls took off in a big way, he has been showing his lighter side more, both in his speeches and in the investments he and his firm are making.

At a recent keynote address for the yearly conference of TiE Southwest , he had the audience in splits with his rendition of his signature song - The Risk Master - a song he wrote to celebrate the indefatigable spirit of the Entrepreneur. Okay, one half of the audience was enjoying the show, immensely. The other half, namely those who had come for a serious lecture on the finer points of investing from the start-up star maker, just looked plain shell shocked!

Tim Draper told us that he had recorded the song along with a famous, mystery musician, whom he will not name right now. We hear that there will be an official release of the song, at some point.

Earlier we wrote about his $1M funding into a South Asian entertainment site - DesiHits.

Now adding to further fuel to his party guy image is his $1.1M investment into the non-tech startup JimmyJane which manufactures upper end personal items ( AlarmClock , in classic techno-geek fashion, classifies the company under “peripherals”….).

draper fisher jurvetson team 2006Besides creating mega companies, Tim Draper heads up an Extreme Kart racing team at DFJ.

We wish Tim Draper luck in his singing career!

Tim Draper’s song Risk Master can be heard at http://www.theriskmaster.com/

The chorus of The Riskmaster goes:

He is the Riskmaster
Lives fast drives faster
Skates on the edge of disaster
He is the Riskmaster

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