Three best places and tools to check Google Page Rank (PR ranking)

google_page_rankA simple Page Rank (PR) number used to be a good indicator of the quality of the website. Without checking any stats, it gave you a rough idea as to the popularity, age and the quality of the site. But now, because of the nuances and quirks that Google has built in to the page ranking system, it is not an indication of anything “specific” anymore, and that is a shame! I know websites that have PR of 6 and are crap and I know websites that have a PR of 0 and are exceptional.

For the past few weeks, Google has been changing its algorithm of how it calculates PR ranking. It seems that yesterday, Google tweaked its algorithm again and punished bloggers that write sponsored posts. After all, it is against their Quality Gridlines.

Google even has a place to submit report of the link-buying and selling and pay-per-post types of bad behavior by other websites.

To get comprehensive results for PR from multiple data centers, here are three places you might consider visiting.

Also, please be aware that it is very easy to “cheat” on PR. One can structure the webpage in such a way that the PR that is displayed comes from a page that is different from the site that you are actually visiting.

(i) Dig Page Rank. (No relationship to Digg) I like this site the most. Recently when a client wanted to purchase a website based solely on the page rank, I used this site to verify the authenticity of the page rank. Especially keep an eye on the color of the page rank display. Green means it is genuine, red is fake and orange is non-confirmed. It can check PR from 700 data centers.


(ii) SEO Company’s PageRank tool A good solid page that gives you PR from several data centers.


(iii) This is the most comprehensive site for Page Rank and other Google data center related tools. I hope I don’t regret giving this out, because I do not want this server to die, so please be gentle and don’t overuse it.


And of course, you can always go to Google’s Webmaster tool site.

Happy Page Ranking!

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