The Fundas of The Funded and The Funders !

A new site called the has just launched that rates venture capitalists, giving entrepreneurs different type of information about the VC firms.

Considering the venture funding process is still secretive, and there is limited public and/or objective information about venture capital firms (and their individual partners) the information might be helpful.

There is some quantitative information available on a few of the funds (SDC Platinum and other databases) but a central place for qualitative information about the people and process behind the VC groups is still lacking. You hear a tidbit here and there and here, or can see a visual map by linksview blog but a meeting place that has exceeded the critical mass would be welcome.

My concern here is that the “reputation” of the firm has very often have no relationship with the “reality” of the firm. I can name several VC firms where my perception of a particular firm, which I had gleaned from talking to others in the field, was proven to be completely off base when I actually interacted with them in real time.

This reputation process has been tried in the dating context without much success. As ouriel ohayon quipped:

Although at the end of the day, like in dating sites, you don’t know what you get until you are married and signed the papers. And even then…

So true!

Michael Arrington noted in his Techcruch blog, that since most startups are turned down for funding, there will be a tendency for people to leave negative comments. I actually think that since the postings are not anonymous, most of the comments will be extra positive.

Also a note of caution: TheFunded was started by an entrepreneur who says he was really “burned�? by a VC firm. So make sure to bring some salt and some A1 sauce when you are reading the site.

Although I haven’t used it, the has similar service and it will be interesting to see how evolves.

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5 Responses to “The Fundas of The Funded and The Funders !”

  1. By Scott on Mar 15, 2022 | Reply

    One really picks a partner at a VC firm and not the firm itself and thats why the reputation of the firm is practically of no use other than gossip and fodder for blogs.

  2. By Dave on Mar 15, 2022 | Reply

    the Top 100 VC’s didn’t beat the Russell 2000 over the last few years�?85% of their investments go to crap, So technically all of them should get 8 negetive ratings for one positive.

  3. By Triv on Mar 15, 2022 | Reply

    I really like the linksviewer, didn’t know about them before. Thanks

  4. By Pillai on Mar 15, 2022 | Reply

    Haven’t used the word Funda in a while! Is it in the dictionary now?

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