Silicon Maps: Putting tech companies on the map

Silicon Maps, has been putting companies on the map, literally, for 18 years. They are the publishers of Tech Coast maps and a host of other maps highlighting local technology companies.

According to Michael Desrosiers, founder of Silicon Maps, 30,000 maps are shipped out each year, starting in November (companies which are interested in being featured in the 2008 calendar should submit their logo at the website by October 23rd). The maps are also published on the Silicon maps website.

Companies pay a yearly subscription fee ($1400 and up) to be featured in one of their hundreds of caricature maps which provide aerial views of cities, along with landmarks, and logos of participating companies. Featured maps include the Tech coast, Bioscience west and  Silicon valley maps, which showcase tech companies in the area.

The tech map business saw a boom in the late 1990’s. That is when the company stopped producing city maps to focus on high tech maps.

According to Michael Desrosiers, their maps will soon be seen at international airports around the world. Their future plans include partnering with industry and economic authorities to highlight the local tech ecosystems.

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