SciVee - An excellent concept and should be “required” in science publication


The National Science Foundation, Public Library of Science and the San Diego Supercomputing Center have partnered to set up what can best be described as a “YouTube for scientists”; its called SciVee.

Scientists can upload their research papers, accompanied by a video where they describe the work in the form of a short lecture, accompanied by a presentation.

SciVee’s creators hope that that the appeal of a video or audio explanation of paper will make it easier for others to more quickly grasp the concepts of a paper and make it more digestible both to colleagues and to the general public.”

I think this should be in the same category of LaTex which allowed equations to be printed in electronic format. I wouldn’t even mind if the author of the paper described all the computations in the lecture.

The presentation will allow the author to offer his views on the bigger picture; something that is hard to decipher from the introduction of the paper. This will be such a great resource for the students and the colleges and for scientists working in far flung areas.

I also think that ALL papers should be published as wiki articles and the author could give rights to others in the field to add content to the article. For example, graduate students can add details of the calculations of a particular formulae and others can show corrections or more generalization of the formulae and can even provide additional reasons and guidance and context for the paper.

There is of course and similar attempts, but I would like this to be a collective effort, and be REQUIRED for each paper that is published.

From my academic days, I can tell you that a video describing the paper, wiki style paper with additional info and access to raw data of the papers that I read would have been tremendously welcomed!

This web 2.0 at its finest!

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  1. By Physbee on Aug 21, 2021 | Reply

    It is a good idea to archive all science papers but I don’t know how they will gather together all the video and papers. To be useful, this site needs to build a very large database.

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