Rotohog: Fantasy sports - real money

ImageRotoHog, an Inglewood CA based fantasy sports site raised $6 million in a Series A round, let by DFJ Dragon and Mission Ventures along with Allen & Co. and SCP Worldwide.

Rotohog is a free website that allows visitors to “manage” a sports team, and the game has a real exchange floor, where players are traded. Gamers have the opportunity to win up to $100,000. Besides that, those who refer players, get another 50% in (real) prize money.

rotohog fantasy sportsThe $6 million capital raise will be used for RotoHog to expand into other sports, beyond football and baseball. They have a social component already, with fans setting up their profiles, and chatting with other enthusiasts.

All this brings up the question, what is their revenue source? At present there is no obvious ad. placement. No doubt, a targeted site like this one, would, with a large enough fan following, bring in a fair amount of niche advertising revenue.

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