Proquo: kill the junk save some trees

proquo ProQuo, a company which promises to reduce the junk mail people get in their mailboxes, has just raised $5 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Raj Atluru, Managing director at DFJ has taken a board position at ProQuo, along with Emily Melton, a director at DFJ.

The sign up is quite simple - you just enter your name and address. You are then presented with a pictorial menu of choices for mailers and flyers - you just click a Stop button for those that you do not want to receive anymore. These include ValPak and other coupons, Offers for credit cards and mortgages, and Publishers ClearingHouse mailers, amongst others.


Today, names, addresses, and other personal information can be easily acquired by direct marketing and other companies. Besides the pesky junk mail, that keeps getting delivered to your burgeoning mailbox, there is also a concern that the unwelcome mail might lead to identity theft.

ProQuo contacts the merchants and tries to get them to take your name and address off their mailing list. There are a few lists such as that of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), where the customer has to request the removal of their names directly but the site provides the necessary information to complete the process.

According to their website, the ProQuo service will reduce junk mail by 50% to 90% over a period of 1-3 months. Well, if this means less garbage in the mailbox, and fewer marketing phone calls in the evening, then it would definitely be worth it!

Like all good things on the net, the service is free. So how does the company make money? Well, they plan to function as an opt-in service for marketers. You choose what kind of mail, if any, that you want to receive from advertisers, who will, in turn pay ProQuo for the ability to reach targeted customers.

Now if only they can figure out how to do the same for email!

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  1. By james dierx on May 15, 2021 | Reply

    check out my proquo commercial!!

    it’s a sweet company.

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