Next New Networks Raises $8 Million in Series A Funding

NextNewNetworks plans to launch micro television networks over the Internet. With the success of video sharing sites like YouTube and Revver, the time for micro TV network has probably arrived.

Next New Networks plans to go a step further by combining the elements of traditional TV with internet functionality of being more interactive, allowing the user to share and contribute. The company expects to launch a couple of new networks within the next two months, offering ad-supported programs that also will be available on video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

The company raised $8M in series A funding from Spark Capital, a fund with investment in several other emerging content creation and distribution technology companies.

One thing that is going for the Next New Network is the experienced team from Viacom/Niclodean/MTV ventures who knows their audience. Emil Rensing blogged about it several months ago and hinted at the collision of cable and internet content distribution issue. Its not there yet, but as the distribution technology gets better, online content will rival the cable offering.

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