Naturally Speaking: Speech recognition turns a corner

For a long while, speech recognition applications have been little more than an annoying novelty. Given the amount of time it took to train the software to recognize the user’s speech patterns, and the less than stellar interpretations produced by the program, it was little surprise that most people favored the old keyboard for data entry and commands.

With Naturally Speaking, the business of speech recognition has finally come of age. The software works, more or less as promised. With some clever voice commands, it is quite straightforward to perform other simple editing tasks.

Naturally Speaking was acquired by Nuance in a bid to establish itself in the field of speech recognition. Nuance has previously attracted 15.6M in funding from heavyweights such as $15.6m round of financing from Motorola Inc, Intel Corp, Goldman Sachs and various other funds. Its clients for the speech recognition and translation product include Charles Schwab and Co, United Parcel Service, Sears, Roebuck & Co, American Express Travel Related Services and more recently, has powered the voice based yellow pages for AT&T.

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