Move Networks raises $34 million

MoveIf you’re watching video online, chances are it’s Flash driven. Although watchable, the quality of Flash video is generally not very high due to the bandwidth constraints HQ video places on viewers.

Move Networks has found a way to change that. Move has developed a video player that allows video to be stored in small bit-by-bit pieces, resulting in much quicker download speeds that allow for fast, high quality streaming video. The company recently closed a $34 million investment round, bringing their total funding to $45 million.

Move Networks’ video looks remarkably better than normal video you’ll find around the web on sites like YouTube. A cool feature of Move’s platform is that it scales depending on your connection speed. For a demo, check out the ABC Move player.

A caveat for Move is that it requires the viewer to download their plugin before they can view anything. However, Move has been signing contracts with major broadcasters whose unique content will definitely help expand its plugin reach: ESPN, Fox Network, the CW, ABC, and Discovery have each made agreements to use Move Network’s software.

While these media companies won’t have much of a problem persuading viewers to take a few seconds to install a plugin in order to view their content, smaller video sites probably won’t be making the jump to Move’s platform soon.

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