Microsoft and Google looking for face time on Facebook

microsoft facebook logoMicrosoft is considering acquiring a 5% stake in Facebook, according to WSJ . Apparently, Google has also expressed “strong interest” in owning a piece of Facebook.

If either of these two deals work out (not to mention both), it would be the first time such large ownership stakes are sold. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been famously criticized in the past for holding on tightly to Facebook and rebuffing lucrative acquisition offers for Facebook. According to those in the know, Mark has plans for an eventual IPO for Facebook.

The big story is the valuation of Facebook, currently pegged at upwards of $10 billion. The two deals would very likely hinge largely upon the valuation of the social networking website, plus the synergies that they can bring to Facebook. According to some, Mark Zukerberg might be pushing for a whopping 15 million dollar valuation for the site.

The investment talks come as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all looking to strengthen their advertising networks.

Microsoft has previously teamed up with Facebook, to syndicate their advertising to Facebook’s 40 million+ users.

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