Mefeedia: What are you watching?

Mefeedia is a social video discovery site that asks the question, “What are you watching?”. It is a video aggregation and sharing web site that enjoys a dedicated following in the video blogging (vlogging) community.

Mefeedia is developing a leadership position in the up-and-coming area of independent video discovery. Mefeedia CEO Frank Sinton tells us that the website traffic is growing rapidly (it has gone past 1 million unique visits).

The area of videoblogs or vlogs - has seen a lot of attention lately, with CBS’s acquisition of startup Wallstrip, for a reported $5 million (Wallstrip was, and very likely still is, pre-revenue), Sony Pictures’ recent announcement of the Crackle service, and with the comedic Ask a Ninja shows which have a dedicated following.

mefeedia vedeoblog mica scalinSo who are the must watch vloggers? And what are they, themselves, watching? You can join Mefeedia to find out. Users roll their own “playlists” which feature line-ups of their favorite shows and clips. Within their social network, users can subscribe to each others feeds, make recommendations, and share their lists of favorite videos.

With a current database of 24,000 video feeds from 13,000+ websites and 300+ video sharing sites, Mefeedia covers a broad swath of independent videos that do not get covered by the big sites such as YouTube. The service aims to make it easy to find targeted content using metadata, metrics, and learned preferences.

Earlier, we wrote about Blinkx, a site that aggregates large quantities of video. Blinkx’ strength lies is its search engine, which catalogs video clips based upon sound recognition and video analysis. Blinkx is more about finding specific clips in a large library of videos aggregated from about 200 sources, than it is about sharing and discovering what others are watching.

One feature that we particularly like in Mefeedia, is the tracking of videos around events and topics, similar to how a lot of people use Flickr for photos. Witness the videos that have piled in from the iPhone launch, for example. Mefeedia also provides topic-based “guides” that give you a starting point for particular interests such as cooking videos and travel videos.

Mefeedia recently announced that ABC News will be using them to help discover stories - and more deals are on the way, according to Frank Sinton. Mefeedia has received awards for Best Vlog Directory at the Vloggies, and made it to Business Week’s “Best of the Web” in the video category.

Mefeedia is based in Burbank and is currently seeking funding.

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3 Responses to “Mefeedia: What are you watching?”

  1. By Dube on Aug 1, 2021 | Reply

    You are right; with user generated content, professional content, and umpteen live feeds, the issue of which content to trust and finding the right content to consume becomes even more important. A good aggregator can do wonders.

  2. By Prescilla on Aug 1, 2021 | Reply

    Interesting about ABC News and CNN and other establish news news sites using alternate places to see what is hot. In a way, it is old fationed “follow the crowd” journalism

  3. By Frank Sinton on Aug 1, 2021 | Reply

    Thanks for the post and comments.

    Video feeds and good metadata are the keys to video discovery, and is what makes us unique versus the “noise” in the space of video upload sites (i.e. the “YouTube, for [targeted interest here]” effect).

    Video feeds solve the context, metrics, and monetization problems for content creators, users, and advertisers that one-off, viral video upload sites do not.


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