Measuring Facebook penetration: every 5th Canadian is on Facebook!


This is amazing! I just came across a post at Robwebb2k where he used Facebook’s Flyer Pro advertising platform (now Facebook Ads) to find some interesting statistics about Facebook’s reach.

He ran some numbers to see which countries were most saturated with Facebook’s +48M users. The winners:


The penetration in Canada has reached an absolutely unbelievable 22%. Every 5th Canadian is on Facebook and every 10th person in UK is a Facebook user.

The European numbers look very healthy too, Norway with 19%, UK with 11% and Sweden with 10%.

If you further modify the figures by noting that the computer penetration in Canada is about 70%, then the Facebook penetration numbers are even more staggering. It means that in Canada, every third person who has a computer is a member of Facebook. Similarly, for India the above table shows a dismal 0.02%, but if you modify it by noting that the internet-connected computer penetration in India is about 9M subscribers, then the participation rate is about 3%, which is very respectable for such a large country. (In fact, I would go even further and argue that the applications like Facebook are Broadband applications and one should really compare the numbers with the broadband penetration.)

OK, see you on Facebook.


2 Responses to “Measuring Facebook penetration: every 5th Canadian is on Facebook!”

  1. By Rick on Nov 9, 2021 | Reply

    I am very puzzled at these numbers and not even sure if they are right. This means that 33% of the computer users are actually taking the time to fill out the profile? That has not been my experience.

  2. By Safdar on Nov 9, 2021 | Reply

    Is that the friend wheel at the bottom? it is one of my favourite application.

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