Makeitwork: For the techno-timid

makeitwork red carIf you have driven around Los Angeles, you have very likely seen a bright red car on the highway, with the logo MakeItWork emblazoned on it.

MakeItWork will come to your home or office and make “it” work. “It” can be practically anything - set up your TiVo, fix your computer, install your home entertainment system and - this one is a classic - train you on how to use your iPod! For the busy, or the gadgetry challenged, they are the final defense against total embarrassment.

Makeitwork has a catchy flash website, with the intro on the home page claiming that they are “Turning customer service upside down”.


Santa Barbara based Makeitwork has received several rounds of funding with the seed round of $370k in 2003 received from the Tech Coast Angels and Frontera capital. The company has raised a second round which includes Somera Ventures, for a total funding of $2.75M.

Makeitwork will be presenting at the upcoming VentureNet conference on October 5th, 2007 in Costa Mesa, California

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