Lunch 2.0: There is a free lunch - almost

lunch 2.0 logoLunch 2.0 , the latest rage in Silicon Valley, is spreading to other cities - Los Angeles, Bangalore, Seattle.

The movement started when Mark Jen , formerly of Google, decided to gate crash back into his prior turf, to join his buddies in a free lunch - on Google. The lunch hopping started a silicon valley trend, where a group of lunchers would meet up at different corporate cafeterias, to network, hang out and, of course enjoy a meal courtesy of the host company.

What was initially a clandestine operation, is now a full fledged event with companies actually lining up to host the lunches. What companies see is a group of potential employees whom they can assess in an informal setting, for the price of a lunch.

Big names such as Facebook and Microsoft have hosted lunch 2.0 events.

Here is a list of upcoming Lunch 2.0 events

Image# Thursday, September 6- Minekey, Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley.
# Friday, September 7- ThisNext , Santa Monica, Los Angeles
# Friday, September 7- Opson, Bangalore, India
# Wednesday, September 12-, Seattle
# Friday, September 14- TBA, SOMA, San Francisco
# Friday, September 19- RockYou, San Mateo, CA.

Events, particularly in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, are coming up fast and thick. With all these free lunches, techno folks are going to have to do a few more turns on Nintendo Wii, and take some extra strolls down Google street maps , to say in shape!

ThisNext is hosting the next event in Santa Monica, on September 7th . We’ll do our next report on lunch 2.0 following the ThisNext event.

And we have our very own Entrepreneur Meetup event coming up on September 27th, at Chakra in Beverly Hills. More on that later!

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