Lingotek,translation solution provider, gets $1.6M in series A-2

Lingotek, provider of meaning-based translation solutions, today announced it has secured $1.6 million in Series A-2 financing. Lingotek has developed a Web 2.0 service called the Language Search Engine to dramatically improve the translation process.

It is essentially a Google-like tool that runs in a web browser searching multilingual content. It differs from an internet search engine in two ways. First. it does meaning based searches instead of concordant searches like Google. If finds the same words with the same meaning in the same context in any language in the world. Second. it searches and indexes multilingual content stored on Lingotek servers from the community of translators around the world. It doesn’t search web pages like an internet search engine, but only indexes the world’s translated content.

The Language Search Engine searches translated content for human translators like an Internet search engine searches the Internet. It helps translators find the same words with the same meaning in the same context in any language in the world. Their software runs in a web browser and helps human translators translate faster, better and cheaper.

Tim Hunt is the founder and CEO of LingoTek. Prior to founding Lingotek, Tim was a scripture translation supervisor for the LDS Church where he was responsible for 85 of the 105 scriptures the Church has produced. While working for the Church he spent 3 months out of every year in dozens of countries worldwide.

The company received $1.7M Venture Capital funding (A-1 round) in March 2006. The current A-2 round was led by Canopy Ventures, of Lindon, Utah contributing $1 million. Previous investors including Flywheel Ventures also participated in the A-2 round.

Canopy Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm targeting information technology companies in the western United States. Its primary areas of focus include enterprise software, IP video technologies, networking and communications, security software, WI-FI broadcasting, IT hosting and software as a service.

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