Language translators - not for tattoos

image Language Weaver, a southern California company, has developed an automated machine translation system in 7 languages. Instead of using the one to one rule based mapping that is common of traditional text translators, the Language Weaver system uses a statistical approach to provide a more true to life, contextual translation.

The automated machine translator is an enterprise solution. The product is clearly well timed with the growing interest in communicating with other countries in both the business and political play fields. The translation algorithms were developed as part of a DARPA funded project at the University of Southern California.

The Language Weaver statistical machine translator can be “trained” to optimize its performance in specific business or political contexts.

Is there any situation when one would not want to use a machine translator? The company gets inquiries from tatoo artists who want to translate English words into other languages and scripts. Not a good idea to use an automated system like Language Weaver for this purpose - the company warns on their blog. They recommend relying on a native speaker of the language for an accurate translation.

image David Beckham would have done well to heed that advice! A proud tattoo sprawled across his left forearm declares his never dying love for Victoria. Except the tattoo is in Hindi and “Victoria” is misspelled!

Language Weaver has received series A and B rounds of funding from the Tech Coast Angles, Sulphur Creek Ventures, Palisades Ventures, Athenaeum Fund and from In-Q-Tel, which is fund that supports the CIA’s technology needs.

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  1. By Dragoljub Profirovic on Dec 7, 2021 | Reply

    Carefully what your tattoo might say. Everyone loves ‘Rock and Roll’ but sometimes you get Asian character tattoos that say ‘to sway and to roll.’

  2. By katie on Apr 15, 2021 | Reply

    katie in hindi

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