Kiva - microloaning in real action - its key to success is transperency.


Amazingly beautiful! Kiva is SOLDOUT!

Kiva is a site that lets you make micro loans (as low as $25) to working poor entrepreneurs in the developing world; a seamstress needing a sewing machine, a builder who wants to buy tools, in countries like Azerbaijan, Samoa, Togo, Kenya, and Ecuador.

Kiva helps you help them. It is not a charity; it is a loan. The default rate for 2006 - close to zero percent!

The part that I really like is that it is “1-to-1″ lending. I browse businesses and choose the ones that I want to loan money to. The money doesn’t go into some big pool (and disappears) it is specifically directed to the business of my choice.

The website is beautifully simple and process is very straightforward; choose the business you want to support, pay using credit card or paypal and you are done. You will get repaid, which you can withdraw or lend to another business.

The part that will make this really successful is the transparency; you can look at the stats for each of the intermediary organization, their default rate, their delinquency rate and the risk associated with them.


The good news is that after some very positive reviews and then a feature on Oprah, all available businesses were snapped up.

This is a great concept and I hope it mushrooms. This is real biz origin!

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