Jott might just change the way you communicate

jott logoJott is a very smart service which converts your voice mails into text and emails them to you. This blog post is being written by using Jott.

Jott is a free service - after you register your cell phone, you can call a toll free number to leave a voice message. The message will be converted to text within a few minutes, and forwarded as an email to a person (or group) on your contacts list, or to you.

Jott can be used in many clever ways:

1. Send emails to people when you are away from your computer.
2. Leave reminders for yourself from your cell. The reminder gets delivered in your email inbox.
3. When you get the idea for “the next big thing” record it by calling the Jott phone number (Jott to myself).
4. Use Jott to blog like I am doing here.


The application works really well. With normal speech, the text I got back was free of errors other than a slight misinterpretation now and then. The length of the voicemail is restricted to 30 seconds, although on a single phone call, you can leave several voicemails.

Who could use voice to text converters like Jott?

1. People on the go
2. Those who need to record news items and send them on for publication
3. People with injuries who are not able to type
4. The visually impaired who want to send email
5. The hearing impaired who would like to be able to “read” their email

Mark Rejhon has a thought provoking article on the blackberry forums on how he forwards his phone number to a “voice mailbox number” which converts his messages to text which he can receive, and read, via email, so business contacts do not even realize that he is deaf.

Jott is currently in limited beta and it is free. There is also a desktop version that lets you sent emails directly, without even going into your e-mail program.

As I mentioned before, this blog post was recorded entirely using Jott, with about 5 minutes of edits. For now, the Jott phone number has taken up the speed dial for “J” on my cell phone (sorry John!).

Other cool cell phone apps: Pinger YouMail

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  1. By John Jorgensen on Oct 13, 2021 | Reply

    I see how it is Toni! haha just kidding. very cool service.

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