iPhotoMeasure closes seed round

Image04Yesterday, iPhotoMeasure’s CEO and founder Paul Minor announced that the company recently raised $400k in seed money. IPhotoMeasure, based in Tarzana, Calif., has software (Mac & PC) currently on the market that allows people to (according to the company) accurately scale the dimensions of a room or structure by simply taking a digital photo. Known formerly as Digicontractor, the program is geared towards contractors involved in construction projects, although it seemingly has a wider consumer application as well.

What allows the software to produce correct dimension readings (the company advertises 95.5% accuracy) are sheets of paper called DigiTargets. The targets are either 7.5″ sq (indoor measurements) or 15″ sq (outdoors). Print one of the targets and stick it to a surface, snap a digi photo (they recommend using at least a 2 megapixel camera), then load the image into iPhotoMeasure’s Flash-based software and let it do the rest.

However, it may not be exactly that easy. According to a review in February by blogger Ed Holloway, the software does not automatically locate the DigiTarget and requires you to manually draw a perfect square around it before computing dimensions. What’s more, since the square must be perfect, it appears that the software only did well with 2D objects. Also, the app only allowed saving the resulting images in the software’s own native format, with no support for JPEG or GIF. While the review is 6 months old, meaning its quite possible that there have been changes to the product, nothing on the company’s website offers evidence of such changes. Even with these flaws the product looks to be still useful, although the $100 price tag for the downloadable version seems a little steep.

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2 Responses to “iPhotoMeasure closes seed round”

  1. By Ed Holloway on Sep 26, 2021 | Reply

    As far as I know the software has not been updated, I have not seen anything new on the site, nor have they notified registered customers of updates. As I said in my review, this has great promise (and is still usable as it is today), it just needs a little more work. Hopefully with the new seed money, they can do just that.


  2. By Paul Minor on Sep 26, 2021 | Reply

    You are quite right that the site has not been updated. Behind the scene we are working feverishly to do such.

    I wanted to list here the robust features of our
    New Version 3.0 Features

    • Measure multiple Planes within a single snap shot.
    • 3 D capabilities within specific parameters
    • Ability to measure Planes at an angle
    • Snap in a dimensioned diagram
    • Export to Excel
    • Export to JPG
    • Improved print capabilities
    • Circle & Rectangle Measurement
    • Automatic Target Recognition

    We are currently in BETA with the Public release scheduled around October 15th. All our users will be notified.


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